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The Perfect Gift for  
Art-lovers & History Buffs
Don’t worry about which guide
or which format to choose ---
let them choose for themselves.

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Exceptional art,
beautifully photographed,
plus art history context
on the back of the card

Ancient Egyptian Obelisk in the Piazza di San Pietro

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About Us

We are intellectually-curious travelers.

When we travel, our destination choices are motivated by our enthusiasm for art and history. And we like to know what we're looking at!

We've been so frustrated! ...Poorly-lit, bad signage ...or no information at all ...and superficial guidebook coverage ...or unintelligible guides ...make us think longingly of our reference books back home! But we can't pack our library ...and we'd rather be looking instead of reading, anyway! Time and time again we've found ourselves thinking, "I wish someone could tell us about this ..." That's the simple story of how Jane's Smart Art Guides™ was conceived!

We know we're not alone in our frustration with tourist guidebooks and site signage, so we began producing Jane's Smart Art Guides™, to share our enthusiasm for the artistic and architectural treasures found throughout Europe.

What ‘s so smart about Jane's Smart Art? Click to find out.  

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