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"Excellent diction, intelligent and engaging manner, very easy to listen to. And I learned things!"

                        -- D.T., USA

The Perfect Gift for  
Art-lovers & History Buffs
Don’t worry about which guide
or which format to choose ---
let them choose for themselves.

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Bernini’s Intarsia floor medallion

Chigi chapel, Sta. Maria del Popolo, Rome
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P.P. Rubens
Descent From The Cross

Our Lady Cathedral, Antwerp (detail)

Our Products

For more than just a casual experience of these remarkable art sites of Europe...

Put away your guidebook and discover the essence of the place. Use your ears ... and leave your eyes free to see. Become absorbed in the illuminating context of history ... of art, politics, culture and religion ... that has intertwined over centuries to create the unique character of the place.

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Each audio guide includes a booklet containing:

  • Tips to tailor the tour to your interests and schedule
  • A track list, floorplan, and glossary

You haven’t really seen a place until you’ve experienced it with one of Jane’s Smart Art Guides™. All you need is a portable audio player!

Artists, Patrons and Subjects:

  • Anecdotes about their lives, and character
  • Episodes of history, and legend
  • Values and customs

Aesthetic and Technological Developments:

  • Stylistic variations and influences
  • Composition
  • Materials and techniques

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