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“I like to know what I’m looking at. It’s like having a private guide.”
N.W., Engineer, USA

Early Renaissance Façade
Sta. Maria del Popolo
Rome, Italy

Interior, Central Nave
Sta. Maria del Popolo


Martyrdom of St. Peter
by Caravaggio
Sta. Maria del Popolo


Chigi Chapel Cupola
by Raphael
Sta. Maria del Popolo

Sta. Maria del Popolo
in Rome...

This church is an extraordinary – but often overlooked – art site.  Hidden behind its unassuming façade is a trove of celebrated art treasures and unique architectural features. Sta. Maria del Popolo is virtually bursting with remarkable architecture and art … from the 800-year-old icon adorning the altar … to the first dome of the Roman Renaissance … to the last Baroque tomb!

I was really impressed by the ingenuity and the content of your guide to Santa Maria del Popolo. … an elegant and eloquent guide to a fascinating building.

Caroline P. Murphy, Author, The Pope’s Daughter

The Jane’s Smart Art™ audio guide to Sta. Maria del Popolo tells of the central role this delight-filled church has played in Rome’s history … by virtue of its location just inside the city’s principle north gate. You’ll learn about some of the historically-prominent men and women who are buried here -- among the tombs of more than a dozen Cardinals – and about the artists they commissioned to decorate their chapels. 

Your guide to Sta. Maria del Popolo is fantastic. I have read everything I could find (in English) about this church, and I learned so much more during your tour. The information is easy to follow and tourist friendly. … such a wonderful resource. Your art guides will be highly recommended!

Carol Stigger, Travel Journalist

Here’s some of what you’ll see: 

  • Andrea Bregno’s unique Lombard architecture and sculpted tombs and altars
  • Pinturicchio’s late 15th C frescoes, grotesques and trompe l’oeil decoration
  • Bramante’s famous apse
  • Andrea Sansovino’s tombs for Cardinals Girolamo della Rovere and Ascanio Sforza
  • Marcillat’s stained glass windows … unusual in Rome
  • Raphael’s remarkable Chigi Chapel (1520), completed by Bernini (1652)
  • Two Caravaggios:  The Martyrdom of St. Peter and The Conversion of St. Paul
  • Altarpieces by Annibale Caracci, Carlo Maratta, Sebastiano del Piombo,
  • Much work by Bernini, including Daniel and Habakkuk
  • Sculpture by Mino da Fiesole, Lorenzetto, Ercole Ferrata, Algardi, Monnot,
  • Giuseppe Valadier’s design of Piazza del Popolo
  • and still more! 

To review the companion booklet, click here.

Customize Your Tour Your tour of the interior can be tailored to your degree of interest and available time by simply skipping the tracks of your choice.

  • Pre-Visit Context Guide: “A Slice of History” ... 18 minutes
  • On-Site Guide, Exterior ... 17 minutes
  • On-Site Guide, Interior … 80 minutes

You’ll know what you’re looking at -- accompanied by Jane’s Smart Art™ audio guide -- as you make your way across the piazza and through this remarkable church. And you’ll gain a deep and lasting appreciation of the art, the architecture – the essence -- of the place.

Audio Guide to Sta. Maria del Popolo in Rome
and its Remarkable Art Treasures

Audio Books: Travel
Downloadable for MP3 / iPod
Price: $8.95
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