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Don’t worry about which guide
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let them choose for themselves.

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St. Veronica
by Francesco Mochi, St. Peter’s Basilica
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P.P.Rubens’ Descent From The Cross, detail
Our Lady Cathedral, Antwerp

Let Jane be your guide 
                    to the remarkable art sites of Europe!


Jane’s Smart Art Guides are designed for intellectually-curious travelers
who enjoy history and appreciate art,
who want to know what they’re looking at when they’re touring.

These unique, engaging audio guides are FOR YOU if...

  • You appreciate art, architecture, culture, and history ... and the way this enhances your travel experiences

  • You wish you could spend less time reading your guidebook and more time looking at what you're there to see

  • You thirst for more and better information about what you see, and...

  • You prefer to travel independently, on your own schedule, at your own pace.

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Fountains of Rome, Part 1: Acqua Vergine Aqueduct

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